Thank you so much for considering our event.  We’re building a fantastic group of producers, managers, agents, and executives for our panel.  Your participation will allow you to interface with like-minded VIPs at a high level and will greatly benefit our attendees thanks to your knowledge and experience.


For coming to the event, I plan to cover the expenses for:

  • Flights

  • Hotel

  • Meals


However, there are other ways for you, as the VIP, to offer more value to the attendee while getting compensated for your time. 


  • If you attend the Fri. Night Happy hour, you will get a % of the money earned for that specific opportunity divided by the number of other VIP's present.

  • If you are willing to take 1:1 5 minute pitches while you are not on a panel, there will be additional financial compensation for your time.

  • If you are willing to have lunch or dinner with a small group of attendees, you will get compensated for your time.

  • If you have a workshop you would like to teach (a great place to share your knowledge around a service, book or class you may have for sales opportunities).

Panelist with Full House 2.jpg