By: VIP Producing Partner Panelist Franco Samaco


This workshop is for anyone who is serious about creating a realistic pathway to acquiring financing and/or distribution for a current and/or future script or film project.

Who Should Attend:

  • Screenwriters who have written or want to write a script/screenplay

  • Producers with a project in development or seeking funding

  • Directors seeking to direct their first (or second) feature film

  • Actors who want a competitive advantage

  • Potential Investors who want to know how to get a high return

  • Anyone who seeks to know the ropes of independent film financing


Topics Include:

Finding Investors, Raising the Money, Equity vs. Debt, Mitigating Risk, Understanding Tax Incentives, Credits & Rebates, Distribution, Minimum Guarantees, Pre-Sales, Foreign Sales Estimates, Securing Above the Line Talent, LOI’s, Development Funding, Product Placement, Product Integration, Presenting to Investors, Proof of Funds, Waterfall and Revenue Streams, Post Production Deals, Credits as Currency, First Time Directors and Writers, Appropriate Producers’ Fees, Platform Releasing, AFM, Markets & Festivals.


Having executive produced over 20 independent feature films including, "Guns, Girls and Gambling" starring the incomparable GARY OLDMAN, alongside CHRISTIAN SLATER and DANE COOK and his latest release, “GAME OF ACES” starring American Pie Alum CHRIS KLEIN, Franco Sama is considered to be a top expert in the field of Film Financing. 

This mini-crash course is designed to teach you the fundamentals of film financing that you will not and cannot learn anywhere else, including film school. 

Although films school is ideal for those who want to learn how to make your movie, this FILM FUNDING FORUM will teach you how to get your movie MADE!

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