Does the early bird price include one of the 90-second pitch sessions?  

No. This is only to attend the event. Many see value in attending as you get the knowledge and exposure, but may just not be 100% ready to pitch just yet.

You will need to pay the "Pitch Price" to secure your spot to pitch.

It says "per panel.”  Does that mean pitching for all three separate panels?

The 3 panels are 1) Managers/Agents/Development Execs, 2) Producing Partners, and 3) Investors. You will get 1 spot to pitch ONE of the panels. 

Each of the groups is vetted and could be game changers. Each has their own unique value they can bring to the table. Want to sell your script or get represented as a Director? - go to the 1st panel. Want to partner up with the right team that can really level up your filmmaking by opening up their Rolodex and building on their past success? - go to the 2nd panel. Ready to make this thing on your own? - go to the 3rd panel. 


For the investor panel, is the pitch a business pitch or story pitch?

The goal is to get a meeting with them, not necessarily close the deal. You'll only have 90 seconds, so I would focus on talking about the story vs. the business. Let them ask follow-up questions, like "do you know the budget" and be ready for those. You can state briefly that you have a slate of films, but I would focus on 1 - your best. 90 seconds will go fast!


What is the format for the day?

You will attend each panel. Each panel per category (ManagerAgent/Develop Exec, Producing Partner, and Investors) will have approximately 5 industry experts to speak about the top for approximately 60 minutes, and then 10 luck filmmakers will be able to give their 90-second pitch. 


Can I pitch to all 3 panels?

1 "Pitch-Price" equals 1 Pitch. So you'll have to pay for each spot. However, you'll be attending all the panels and we'll welcome networking.


How about Networking at the event?

We are going to be intentional about networking, making it easy & encouraging everyone to connect, so bring business cards. 

We are also having a large Networking Event Saturday evening.


Will there be anyone for Reality TV there?

Yes, we will have those there that rep or produce reality TV, so bring that show idea and get pitching! 


Will there be any faith-based people there?

Our sponsor, Uplift TV is specifically geared towards the faith-based community. Plus, if your project is marketable and monetizable, everyone will listen!


Why do we have to choose beforehand which panel?

We are looking at this from the panelist POV, not trying to exploit the filmmaker to just get butts in seats in order to get as many people in front of the panelist. This creates a very non-enthusiastic panelist that just goes home with more work instead of a great connection. We want the right connections and value the panelists time. We want to esteem them and treat them like the VIP they are - not speed-dating.


Can I record this event? Or will this event be recorded?

My goal is not to be an event planner, but to get several projects into stages of production, so we want to have everything right then and there. There will be no recording of the event and we have no plans to post anything later, so make sure you get here!


What should I bring?

I would bring something to take notes with and business cards for sure. 


Can I use visual aids during the pitch?

Keep it simple, but use the time as you'd like and we encourage you to have a "leave-behind" or a 1-sheet, which explains your idea along with contact info.


What is "Shark Tank" style?

You get to pitch for 90 seconds and then the panelist may ask questions or comments for an additional 90 seconds.


Can I purchase a ticket on the day of?

Yes, but there will be an on-site increase in price.


Can I show a trailer for my pitch?

We will have an HD projector there, but I would not incorporate technology into your pitch. It could take 90 seconds just setting up the tech. :)

Keep It Simple!


What do we do for dinner?

Most are going to stick around during the dinner time to take advantage of the epic work on Film Financing. So, you have 2 options.

1) You can go off-site from 5-7pm 

- OR - 

2) You can order by 10am from the hotel to have the food delivered to you by 5pm and take the workshop with the rest of us.


Dress for those pitching?

Business Casual


What does the Score Card look like? 

Yes, you will be sent prior to the event to see what the panelists will be scoring you on.


Is everyone in the room while I'm pitching?

Yes, we'll all be rooting for you AND you are pitching to the room. There are many other producers and other panelists in the room, so take advantage!


Will all pitchers need comps?

No. Everyone is at various stages, but have thought through as much of the business side of things as you can. You don't need a budget or schedule, but having a plan of what you can. Even if it's something like, "I plan for my producing partner to assist and offer insight into this area."


What time do the doors open up?

8:30am on Saturday and Sunday.


Can I pitch a short?

Pitch what is sellable. 


Will I get all of the VIP's contact info?

Not as a rule of thumb. They are encouraged to connect with the ones they resonate with. Each panelist will request an introduction to certain pitches of which is done by email and turned over to you to follow up.